I enjoy tackling interesting projects and here are a few that I've made some limited attempt to document. As many of these were carried out purely for fun, code quality and documentation may vary enormously. You have been warned.

Photo of Word Clockie

Word Clockie A 3D printed word clock for my wife.

Word clockie is a (yet another) word clock made as a first aniversary gift to my wonderful wife, Ann-Marie. It is a spiritual successor to Clockie, a count-down clock I made when we were living far appart when we had just started going out. Instead of counting down to our next meeting, Word Clockie counts up the time since we got married.
A small counter._

Paper 3D Game Counters

By making use of the ability of a 2D cutter/plotter to print intricate designs it is possible improve on the old two-pieces-of-card sloted 3D game counter making a design which locks together.