Perentie is a simple, graphical CPU monitor and debugger supporting a range of architectures. It was designed during a summer of work done for the University of Manchester School of Computer Science for educational use by students learning about CPU architecture and CPU design. You can find out more about perentie in the following places:

Perentie User Interface


The 'Manchester Lab Board' is used by students to experiment FGPA hardware design. In order to enable students to see inside the workings of their devices, a Perentie-compatible interface was developed: Ackie.

Ackie is an ARM assembly program which runs on the on-board ARM of the Manchester Lab Board and provides the following functions:

  • Emulates a simple memory
  • Provides a few simple memory-mapped devices (LEDs, LCD)
  • Generates clock signals
  • Controls a scan-path through student's registers.

The source code can be found on GitHub.